"These Strategies Are Responsible For Over $1,000,000 in Sales In My Business..."
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"The 7 Strategies Leaders Use To Grow Their Impact and Influence Online"
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THE ART OF SOCIAL INFLUENCE ISN'T JUST ANOTHER "MARKETING BOOK" ...It's your Timeless Road Map To Help You Create High Impact, High Income, And Build Your Authority Online FAST!
About The Author
Adam Flores
    I wrote this book because I literally went from nothing, to building a business that did over $1,000,000 in sales in my early 20's by leveraging the internet and social media. So I wanted to take the best, tangible, timeless concepts I’ve learned and help others achieve the same thing.

This book was written especially for those who:
  • Feel like they’re behind in the social media space...
  • Believe they have a great message but don’t know how to get it out there…
  • Don’t have enough clients to keep the doors open…
  • Can’t get enough followers even though they’re doing everything “right”…
  • Posts a lot of content with little to no results to show for it…
  • Looking to grow their Influencer or Thought Leader business online FAST...
"The 7 Strategies Leaders Use To Grow Their Impact and Influence Online"
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Inside of this FREE Book, Here Are A Few Of The Strategies You're Going To Learn:
The ONE question to ask yourself that will create a movement around your brand, help you cut through the competition, and make YOU the leader in your space... (Answering this one question correctly for your business will dramatically increase your following, your list, and your customer base!) [Ch.1 - pg.8]
How to pinpoint what your audience truly desires on a subconscious level so you can step up as their leader and create a highly engaged community online... (Better yet, your loyal followers will start sharing your content and creating a viral effect because they believe in your message) [Ch.1 - pg.12]
How to position yourself for maximum credibility & authority... (This works even if you're just starting out and no one knows who you are...yet!) [Ch.2 - pg.20]
How to communicate to your audience for maximum impact and results... [Ch.2 - pg.22]
Become known as the go-to-expert in your field with this credibility boosting strategy... (Most successful Influencers and Thought Leaders do this...But none of them tell you about it...Now, you'll know exactly how to get instant credibility in no time flat.) [Ch.2 - pg.26]
10 Proven Strategies to becoming an Authority at what you do... (If you apply any of these strategies with the highest of ethics, your level of influence on social media will skyrocket) [Ch.2 - pg.29]
Implement this "WOW Experience" into your brand and your clients will gladly pay DOUBLE for your services... (In fact, when you implement this ONE thing, you could easily increase your price 2x, 3x, or even 4x without your customers batting an eye!) [Ch.3 - pg.43]
The customer journey blueprint for increasing sales by delivering these high impact, high influence sequences... (These are psychological triggers that must be flipped in your customer's mind in order to make effortless sales!) [Ch.3 - pg.48]
Three Simple Ways to relate to your audience and be relevant to the platform you're on so you can optimize your connection with them every time you post...  [Ch.3 - pg.52]
  How to stop promoting like a rookie and start campaigning like you're running for President... (This is a play-by-play, 7 step guide to running highly effective, authority boosting campaigns online.) 
[Ch.4 - pg.58]

  The "Input-Output" Formula for scaling your online business to 6 & 7 Figures in record time... [Ch.4 - pg.62]
  7 Strategic Ways To Increase Profits with your advertising... (Just one of these strategies could turn your failing campaigns into grand slam, game winning promotions!) [Ch.4 - pg.66]
That's Only Up To Chapter 5!
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This book will show you how you can make an impact, lift yourself above the crowd, and create a lucrative income stream through
The Art of Social Influence.
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